Sunday, June 9, 2013

09 June 2013

Ok, so before I go off on my usual rants, I want to say thank you to everyone who is following me, and supporting me, and helping me get my blog out there. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart, and I just want to let you guys know just how much that means to me. I noticed on G+ how much activity was booming after just my second post and I thank you guys so much for all of that.

Secondly, I would like to apologize if the wait for these posts is a bit long. This is not a job for me. I'm not getting paid to do this. Not saying I want donations (I have no way of receiving them anyway) but I said that to say this - I'm not held to this. This isn't something I have to do, but I'm doing because I want to. Unlike the "powers that be", the Elitist, corporate pigs that run our lives as of this moment, I'm not doing this for money. That said, I hold myself personally accountable when I miss a day, or when I can't answer message on my Unsene message board... I just logged in a few minutes ago, and saw a request from user "darkemaiden". I don't know who that is, and in the interest of my anonymity and theirs, let's keep it that way. But whoever it is, I'd like them to know that their request was approved, and they can talk to me anytime they want. I'm doing this for you guys, and with the amount of activity I received lately, it's only fair that I keep going too. So thanks.

Now... About the FDA. And the FTC. 


Yeah, it's these types of organizations that absolutely make me sick. (Ironic, huh?) The FDA, FTC, and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole are supposed to be protecting US, right? I mean, they DO protect us, right? Wrong. Recently, a letter which was confirmed by the FDA and sent to Tyrant Obama (you'll rarely see me describe him as a President, since I DO NOT support our two-party puppet system) described open and blatant examples of corruption within the FDA. In fact, a quote from the letter (which is also a quote taken from the LA Post website) states the following:

"The FDA “is inherently biased in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. It views industry as its client, whose interests it must represent and advance. It views its primary mission as approving as many drugs as it can, regardless of whether the drugs are safe or needed.” 

Wow. So, taking into account the fact that this statement was made by a DIRECTOR of the Office of Drug Safety two years ago, one can pretty much guess, with some level of common sense, that we've been getting screwed over for quite some time by an industry that is supposed to have our best interests at heart! Hopefully without taking away anything from the above quote. I'm going to break this down into laymen's terms:

"The FDA is greedy and only looks in favor of Big Pharma (Google Search if you don't know what that is). To the FDA, you're not a patient in need of care, but are instead a walking dollar sign, and the FDA must advance Big Pharma in any way it can, no matter the cost to the lives of millions of innocent people! The FDA seeks to put as many drugs in your cabinets (and as many dollars in their pockets) as possible, regardless of whether or not the drugs are actually safe!" How sick!!

So, to remedy this, I suggest going out for natural remedies. It stops corporations like these from taking your money, and the best part is, the natural remedies you take will help you to CURE whatever ails you. Something that Big Pharma's "joke drugs", as I've taken to calling them, will NEVER do!! After all, how can they make money if you're not sick?

Here, I will list some alternatives that you could try, and of course you're always encouraged to search your own:,d.cGE,d.cGE

Ok, so those are a couple, and as always, don't take my word for it, go out and search! It's for your own good to do this, because unlike joke drugs, natural remedies work, they're inexpensive, they give you no adverse side effects, and they CURE you, which is the most important thing.


One last thing I want to mention: My Unsene message board is still up and running. It's perfectly safe, perfectly encrypted, so we leave no trace. Go there and message me anout anything at all, if it's about my blog, if you just wanna chat, doesn't matter. 

Shout-Outs and Special Thanks To: 
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Thank you, one more time, to everyone sharing, reposting, and doing everything you guys are doing. Stay tuned for more!