Friday, June 7, 2013

07 June 2013

Well... Second entry, and already I've got so much to say... 

But let me just start out by saying that if you have Verizon - watch out! Big Brother Obama might just be listening in to everything you're saying. 

Don't believe me? Well, it's already among many news outlets (alternative and state-owned) that the Obama administration has the tools to monitor and COLLECT user data from people's text messages, phone calls, e-mails, and other instant messaging services. They are even pushing for Google to send user data to them! How desperate are these people, anyway?

So, now to switch from the doom and gloom to a solution: don't use standard communication if you want to keep things private! The government is now tracking your every move using your cell phone! So, switch to an encrypted form of messaging. I use "" - it's safe, it's all encrypted, and unless someone figures out a way to hack the PASSPHRASE they make you set up once getting your account, it is UNHACKABLE!!!

Ok, so next to switch gears and turn my scope just a bit... The FDA's on my list, too, and damn, do I have some things to say!

Just please stay tuned, and subscribe, follow up, and you WILL learn about how the FDA doesn't give a damn about you or what you put in your body. It's all about that worthless piece of paper known as the US Dollar!! (More on that too...)

Oh, and just as an update: if you do go to, look for "shanemason". That is me, and I am on all the time! Go there if you have any major questions or suggestions as to what I should put in my upcoming entries. You will be credited!